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It might be a bit early to be thinking about party hair but if you want to create something yourself having some time to practice. Simple dressed out hairstyles are something I am always enthusiastic to so show clients how to do themselves when they visit the hair salon in Frome. I have picked a feature a high-gloss waterfall ponytail which very simple to do but very effective and it’s a great way of giving a low ponytail a glamorous finish , discover the complete step-by-step guide that will help you recreate this modern look, of course as a hairdresser this is a simple hairstyle is easy to recreate but with some practice I’m sure it’s achievable.
For flawless results, you should start with clean, dry hair. Start by parting your down the middle and apply a volumising product starting at the roots, and working your way towards the back, at the salon in Frome I always use Osmo hair glue which not only gives volume but makes hair easier to work with.

Next, blow dry your hair using a large round bristle brush until you achieve a firm, smooth texture.


Once done, create a horseshoe-shaped section from just above the temple to the other, tie the bottom of the section into a low ponytail and secure the top with a hair clip. Next, slide a kilt pin (or safety pin) through the bottom section ponytail, making sure to release and smooth the top section of hair into the pin before



To achieve a high-shine  use a lightweight aerosol shine spray all over the hair to create enviable high-shine lustre.
Before finishing off the look with a few bursts of a super-strong hairspray, gently pull some wisps from the hairline to gift the look with that perfectly-undone aura.

Happy Hair Days

It’s exactly one year since I opened Bath Street Salon in Frome and I’m happy to say that it’s been a very successful one and I would like to say a big thank you to all my clients that have supported me over the past year and also the many people I have come intoContinue Reading

Shampooing hair daily…is it right or wrong

Daily shampooing is a discussion I frequently have with clients at my hair salon in Frome, so I thought it would be good to explain why I and some hairdressers recommend it, and why the health of your hair and scalp depend on it. Obviously I understand that it isn’t realistic for everyone to wash theirContinue Reading

Naked Hair Colours and Fussed Up Haircuts

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Popular and timeless option for short hairstyles for 2014

  Popular and timeless option for short hair is the “pixie” and it seems that it is beginning to creep into the mainstream hair fashion for 2014 and at the salon in Frome it’s becoming a popular request, Mia Farrow wore this iconic hairstyle and today’s stars are lapping up this liberating and feminine haircut.Continue Reading

Changing your hairstyle or hair colour

    Changing your hairstyle, It’s easy to get totally confused when you’re flicking through a magazine or browsing the web for a new hair colour , or you are filled with that nagging doubt to whether this seasons hair colour trend will suit you, but there is another alternative call your hairdressers and bookContinue Reading

Happy Hair Days

The salon is now six months old, although still only a baby it has grown to be a bonnie one. Christmas was so busy I found myself still styling hair late into the evening, often past 8pm which drew some inquisitive looks and enquires from people passing. Each month has been busier than the last,Continue Reading

Big Hair Girls…how to get this classic glam look

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Curls, Waves and the Art of Being Bold with Going out Hair

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Know your hairstyle

Know your hairstyle

Know your Hairstyle. If you have never had hair shorter than shoulder length, and I mean never, or tried a different colour or even a simple fringe, then now might be the time to try it. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had many clients opting to go for a new look, some dramaticallyContinue Reading

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