Popular and timeless option for short hairstyles for 2014



Popular and timeless option for short hair is the “pixie” and it seems that it is beginning to creep into the mainstream hair fashion for 2014 and at the salon in Frome it’s becoming a popular request, Mia Farrow wore this iconic hairstyle and today’s stars are lapping up this liberating and feminine haircut.  Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson Anne Hathaway, and most recently Jennifer Lawrence seem to have been bitten by the pixie bug and are being more adventurous when visiting the hairdresser.  A traditional pixie will be short all over, but up to date versions are more detail to give it a more individual look. It more suited to women with heart shaped, square or oval faces, and works brilliantly with wavy, thick natural hair. Short hair can be a great way to instantly achieve a fresh new look and change your image, it doesn’t have to be an unnerving experience, I always give the best advice for each individual client based on the info they give me and what I see in front of me, so having a detailed conversation with your hairdresser is vital and although it would be wrong for me to say that these are simple wash and wear styles they will take less time to style than longer hair, lets be honest here any hairstyle, with the exception of those few blessed with goddess like hair, that is wash and left doesn’t always look it’s best and besides making the best of what your hairdresser has done for you makes sense . So may be its time to leave behind the up do’s and tousled waves and stir some excitement at the hairdressing salon and go pixie.


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