New Hairdressers near Bath

New Hairdressers near Bath

Bath Street Salon has been up and running in Frome for a little under three months now. As a new hairdressers to the area it has been great to see new clients from surrounding areas, such as Bath, Trowbridge, Westbury, warminster and Bradford-on-Avon.
Knowing there were already a huge number of great hairdressers in Bath, I thought of setting up in the lovely Town of Frome.
Not only are we about 20 to 25 minutes away from the towns mentioned above, we have five car parks approximately 100 Meters of our salon.

I was born in Frome and moved away at the age of 19 to pursue my passion of hairdressing.
Over the years, having worked with some amazing people within the business, you can understand how fantastic it feels to have now opened my own hair salon in Frome.

So if you are looking for a new hairdressers near Bath. It would be great to see you here at Bath Street Salon, so why not give us a call or pop in?

Cheers, Robert.

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