Nearly there

Nearly there

Although the salon is almost complete there’s still plenty to do and minus a few late deliveries I’m still on track to open on Saturday 22nd Junealthough a week later than planned. Some of the running behind has be down to spending a bit too much time some days eating cake and drinking tea in the garden of The Garden Café of which I am now a major fan and so are my friends that have travelled to visit Frome, in fact Frome itself has mass appeal with them and has become the number one place to visit with several and the word is spreading.

I’m looking forward to doing some hairdressing again, especially doing hairdressing in Frome and I am off to a charity fashion show next week, so hoping to get some inspiration.

One of my favourite trends this summer is fringes, whether full Sixties fringes, half-fringe styles and choppy side-swept versions they seem to be making an inroad .  And don’t panic this trend is for fake fringes which can be pinned into the front of your hairstyle but if you are contemplating going for a cut fringe it won’t be wasted as this hair trend looks set to be here for autumn and winter too.

Please lookout for my launch promotion going on in Frome town centre on Saturday the 22nd June, I’m giving away some gifts that can be used in the salon and you’ll get the chance to meet two very cute dogs.

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