Naked Hair Colours and Fussed Up Haircuts

I like this sub trend for short to mid-length haircuts, a sub trend which is growing, and when it’s teamed up with an all over single tone hair colour or naked colour (meaning no contrasting tones) the look although simplistic creates a fresh, youthful and modern hairstyle, I also think it’s the beginning of a move away from the up-dos and vintage hair which has dominated hairstyling for the last 2 or 3 years, these will of course still have their place but I do believe ladies that it’s time to swap that “vintage do” for one with “mod cons.

elle-prong-cuts-Clemence-Poesy-v-xlnshort hairFall 2014 Bridal Collection - Kenneth Pool - Show



Fussed up hair seems to be the only way to describe the simple detail and easy on the on texture worn with these hairstyles, at the salon in Frome there has been a demand for this increasingly popular hair trend and as a hairdresser that enjoys working with clients on there new looks its been exciting couple of months.

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