Mature Hair

Mature Hair

There has always been a common myth about older women and hair and one which I have always thought of as nonsense can be discarded easily as just that…a myth, it’s the one that goes “older women should wear shorter hair and never go for something to young”, in my opinion this a very outdated flawed view and is more about society telling you how you should look rather than what would work best for you, and hey why shouldn’t a woman of 50 plus look fantastic with a cool trendy hair style that works.

Hairstyles for Mature Women

Hairstyles for Mature Women

The key is the same as ever when choosing a hairstyle, it’s very much about what complements your face shape and makes you feel confident regardless of age, equally your age doesn’t mean you can’t be on trend so don’t be afraid about presenting your stylist with some pictures torn from a fashion mag. To be honest most modern on trend styles tend to have a slightly contemporary look to them anyway, if you decide to pluck up the courage and go for fresher look, any hairdresser worth going to will want to discuss it with you properly and offer you some advice on how it can be best suited to you as an individual.

If you are a woman who wants to keep those glamorous long locks beyond your 50s then there are a few dos and don’ts, like avoiding middle partings which makes the hair sit heavy around the face it’s even difficult for a twenty something to get away with that look. Go for wearing it with more bounce and fullness, not necessarily big hair, using good heated rollers can work wonders and are relatively easy to use. Wearing hair up is still very much in vogue, so if you have longer hair consider putting hair up on the head in a loose chignon. Condition is very important, use products that will keep your hair manageable, healthy looking and shiny, why not treat yourself each time you visit the salon by having a intensive treatment done to make it look extra fabulous. So keep your lovely long hair – but be ready to treat it differently.

It’s about making the hair look its best, which can be as simple as adding some body and shape to it, with a good colour and kept in great condition, long hair can look gorgeous at any age.

Hair Colour

Going grey can mean more than your hair losing its colour, there is a second sting which can be just as hard to come to terms with, the change in your hair’s texture. The change occurs because hair follicles stop producing melanin, which is our hair’s natural colour pigment, this pigment also helps give the hair its pliability so as it becomes whiter and there’s less of it the hair becomes coarser making it difficult to manage . Grey hair is effectively colourless hair and for most women it’s time to make a decision about colour, maybe changing or opting for colour for the first time and as women mature so the skin tone changes and wearing colour can be more flattering than wearing colourless hair.

Mature hair

Silver sirens

The Helen Mirrens and Judi Dench’s of this world – who wear their grey hair with pride, how do they do it? Some women can look fantastic with grey hair and they’re usually the ones with a full head of really beautiful pearl white hair  so unless you’re genetically blessed with even skin tone and a bright eye colour, I would usually advise against staying grey.

Brighten grey hair with highlights; if these are done properly they give an even fresh tone which is very natural, youthful and low maintenance. If you wish to have more coverage then getting a full cover of colour will be necessary, keep the colour natural in tone for best results and choosing a colour which enhances your skin tone will work best. To add depth and texture to a colour highlights can be added either partial or all over. Full colour coverage will need regular visits to the salon, roughly every 4 weeks, so you will need to be prepared for the maintenance.

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  1. Karen Cuss says:

    If you are in any doubt about taking the plunge and going for a new look …. do it! My whole experience of The Bath Street Salon was made very pleasurable and easy. From the booking, the consultation and through to the appointment itself I was made to feel at ease and guided by Rob who helped me decide on my new look (which I love!). Rob takes time to talk through what is right for you, checks that you are happy through every stage and gives excellent tips and advise on how to manage and maintain your style. The cut is fantastic and very easy for me to blow dry, just falling into place. Highly recommended!

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