Know your hairstyle

Know your hairstyle

Know your Hairstyle.

If you have never had hair shorter than shoulder length, and I mean never, or tried a different colour or even a simple fringe, then now might be the time to try it. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had many clients opting to go for a new look, some dramatically and some gradually and there are so many different hairstyles that can be done which can be fun and refreshing.

I have one longstanding client from Bristol who told me when she visited the salon a couple of weeks ago, that in the past year she has had two holidays, one wedding and her own 50th birthday party and in photos taken at each occasion her hairstyle was different every time and the colour changed twice, she proudly showed me the pictures to prove it. On the other hand I do have some clients who are happy to keep their hairstyle unchanged for much longer but more and more clients are open to “a new me”.  Whatever is decided on talking it through thoroughly with clients is always top priority with me.

So when the moment hits you and you feel brave it’s time to look at a change then before you commit to book in you may feel happier popping in to talk it through and that’s fine. It may help you to feel more relaxed if you try and get an idea of the “theme” of the styles you may like to try, a soft but glam look or choppy but still feminine hairstyle?  A fringe, long or short,  a perfect vintage  bob. if you don’t have a clue but yearn something a little different  or have seen a hairstyle you love then maybe it’s time to get talking and get started on your new style.

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