Happy Hair Days

It’s exactly one year since I opened Bath Street Salon in Frome and I’m happy to say that it’s been a very successful one and I would like to say a big thank you to all my clients that have supported me over the past year and also the many people I have come into contact with, Frome really is a great place to be.

This month I was interviewed by an online Profession hair magazine, they were very interested in what is so different about a small independent salon like Bath Street Salon and what it does that attracts clients and keeps them coming back. Even with over 25 years experience its not always easy to answer a simple question like this one in a simple way, but I explained to them that there is no secrete no magic potion or big marketing budget, just simply knowing what clients want when they visit a salon. The interviewer wasn’t completely satisfied with this answer, I suppose it does sound a bit obvious a bit cliche, so he asked me to elaborate.

It is that simple I explained, I’m pretty sure that when most clients contact or come into a salon for the first time the number one thing on there mind is ” will I leave here with my hair looking great”,? That is it, it’s top of the list, then of course there are the other important things, will they be listened too and I think near the top, “will I be treated as an individual”. These are always huge priorities to me if I’m going to get a clients hair right. The ambience or customer care is also important, making my clients feel relaxed has been a big part of the planning, from the colour of the walls to design of the shampoo basins and not allowing clients to feel rushed or like they are on some kind of hairdressing conveyor belt.

Lastly, having a passion for what I do, I was once told by someone close to me that I have “can’t switch off syndrome” I don’t think it’s a real condition, I googled it, but to me being passionate about what I do, not switching off isn’t a problem it’s a real pleasure because there’s always something to think about always something new to learn, even at my age.

The interviewer asked me to conclude in a sentence my philosophy or as he put it, “mission statement”. So here goes. Great hair, listen, learn and look after number one – the client.


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