Happy Hair Days

The salon is now six months old, although still only a baby it has grown to be a bonnie one. Christmas was so busy I found myself still styling hair late into the evening, often past 8pm which drew some inquisitive looks and enquires from people passing.

Each month has been busier than the last, so a big thank you to all the clients that visited Bath Street Salon and continued to come back and I look forward to seeing you in 2014

Before opening the salon in Frome I was a director for a salon group which at times was exciting but I found myself spending more and more time in meetings or sat in front of a laptop and less time what I love best, hair. So that’s what brought me back to my home to open a small hairdressing salon operated solely by me, so a bit like going back to the roots of what I do, being a hairdresser. It’s been incredibly exciting and fun especially starting from scratch, meeting new people and catching up with old friends.

As the salon continues to grow I intend to build a small team, but still stick to my original aim and philosophy which is providing something which is more intimate for clients in a relaxed environment and of course most importantly to do some great hair.

As well as the excitement of the salon going from strength to strength, I recently introduced a range of body care products in to the salon. Rampal Latour are a small French artisan soap maker  based in the Provence, who have been making soaps for over 175 years. The soaps, which also include liquid soaps and body washes, are made from all natural ingredients and oils, being completely vegetable based and free from sulphate, parabens and artificial colour or perfumes. As with most French soaps they not only leave skin feeling fantastic they smell wonderful. I will hopefully by March be stocking Prive a range of hair products which again use the finest naturally based ingredients. Prive are the concept of Los Angeles based hairdresser Laurent Dufourg, who like me has always had an interest in naturally based ingredients and using products that maximise the hairs natural condition and strength. The products are produced in Los Angeles and as well as having a great hair care range the styling products help create the perfect finish.

“Hard work never killed anyone” Well I’m beginning to doubt that expression because in my case it almost did. As I wrote at the beginning of this piece Christmas was incredibly busy and away from the salon as usual I continued to push it whether socially or just not taking time to stop and on the 23rd of December my body said enough is enough and I had a heart attack. Being in my mid-forties this was a bit of a shock and a wakeup call to slow down, for anyone that knows me slowing down just isn’t part of my make-up but after the fantastic care I received at The Great Western Hospital, the mind blowing procedures performed by surgeon Mr Barnes and of course the anxiety caused to my family and friends, I think it’s time to listen. Although the salon has been closed since the 23rd I will officially re-open on the 15th January 2014 which I’m looking forward too. I think I may have my own expression about hard work, “Hard work never killed anyone, but why take the risk”

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