Curls, Waves and the Art of Being Bold with Going out Hair

I have preached curls and bold wavy hair for so long in articles which I write for various publications from time to time and relish clients who come to the salon in Frome wanting to try this temporary hair styling look to and proudly leave with a head of bouncy hair as another patron of this mini hair revolution going on right now, it’s a great way of transforming longer hair into something beautiful and head turning, indeed, shorter hair can of course take part too. I know curls are nothing new, the last 2 years have been awash with waves but this is an updated trend given a new identity for autumn /winter, and if you are a little less brave about wearing out bold big hair don’t worry there are some more sedate but equally spectacular hairstyles which will still give you the opportunity to try this hair trend.

Bouncy volume is key to getting this look on trend and a little bit of unruliness which can be created by either using curling irons, not GHD’s as these tend to give a flat s shaped wave which tends to look artificial, or heated rollers can be used. Curling irons or heated rollers not only give hair more bounce and volume but create a more natural looking wave or curl with a small but necessary degree of soft frizz.

Autumn/Winter 2013 Hair Trends

New hair trends – Autumn/Winter 2013

Bold and gold

Waved hair brushed out hair which has been combed and gripped to the top of the head to create sleekness before a storm of raging waves, this look emulates a cool 1920s art style.

Bold and Gold Hair

For those graced with natural fire golden red hair colour you are blessed as this texture is exaggerated on redheads and blondes, it doesn’t mean to say that staying mainly brunette won’t work, if you want to show more texture in the waves ask your hairdressers to add some slightly lighter tones using a highlighting technique or do as I have been doing at my salon, go for a balayage highlighting technique to create soft tones toward the bottom of your hair length, this should only be slightly lighter than your natural colour for a more sophisticated look. If you are strutting out to some Glam parties in the Frome and Bath area this Christmas season then pop in for a consultation or simply call the salon or book online and be bold.

Natural fire

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