Hairdressing during Isolation

Social media is awash with people doing their own hair at home, from monster fringes, shaved heads and patchy colours. Since closing the salon and every hairdresser in Frome closed I’ve been asked via text, WhatsApp and social media for home hair advice from clients and friends. I usually reply like a scolding teacher, “don’t do it”.

Obviously first and foremost, I’m a hairdresser and one with years of experience who knows exactly what can go wrong when the untrained attempt a bit of hairdressing and believe me I never have and never would, cut my own hair. There has also been some controversy surrounding a “celebrity hairdresser” giving advice on national TV on how to cut or colour your hair at home, this as you can imagine caused uproar from many people in the hairdressing industry with some strong comments on social media.

So I’ll do my best to offer what advice I can to hopefully keep you all looking beautiful during isolation. Let’s get the important bit out of the way first, please please please don’t attempt to cut or colour your own hair or allow anyone else to who isn’t a professional hairdresser. When life gets back to normal the last thing we need is Frome town centre looking like a scene from Mad Max, and with colour, there are some risks to your health.

The blow-dry

There are however somethings you can do to your hair to brighten up your days and even fill in some time. Practice blow drying, dig out all your brushes and styling tools lock your self away in your bedroom and style away. I won’t go into a full list of instruction on what to do, there are to many different lengths and styles but there are a few simple basic to follow.

It may sound obvious but if you can, make sure you are in front of a mirror the bigger the better. If you have long hair it might be easier to stand up especially when you start drying your hair roughly without a brush and tilt your head according to which side you are doing.

Before you apply any product, except if you are drying natural curls, towel dry the hair and or take some of the wetness out with a hair dryer then apply the product evenly through the hair. Sometimes you can achieve a great look without using hair brushes, try using your fingers.

With shorter styles start with the hair dryer on a slow speed this makes it easier to control the hair and on finer hair will prevent it going flat. If you can divide the hair into smaller sections before blow drying with a brush. This will make it a lot easier and hopefully give you better results. Think about the head in quarters. Front left and right, back left and right; and if you can point the hair dryer away from the roots down the length of the hair. This will help keep it’s shine and stop frizz.

If you use a finishing product like a wax or a pomade, these are best usually on shorter hair. Start by evenly coating the palms of your hands and fingers with a small amount and apply it to your hair.

If ýou use hair spray, keep the can at least 20cm from the hair and move the can over the hair. For long hair it’s the same but if you are brave enough, try blowing your hair with the hair dryer and at the same time spray the hair spray through your hair.  When finished use your fingers with or without the dryer to style your hair into place. This can also create great textures particularly on finer hair and if you apply too much hair spray it can usually be brushed out.

Finally it’s not something I would normally do but search YouTube for blow drying videos. Stick to those by hairdressers; avoid the amateur Vloggers.

I hope this this helps, but for now I wish you all well and look forward to my, and all the hairdressing salons in Frome, buzzing again.

Happy hair days


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